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Is There an Advantage to Hiring a Small Firm?

When it comes to law firms, there are literally thousands of varieties.  There are firms with thousands of attorneys and there are firms with one attorney. There is every single variety in between.  So how does a client in a personal injury case know which is better?  Is bigger better?  Do they have more clout and money behind them?  Is smaller better because of the unique attention and ability to change with the case?

There is no clear answer but I can tell you from having worked at a mid size firm (20-30 attorneys) and a small practice (3 attorneys) that smaller firms usually give a better client experience and service.  Why is that? I intend to explain in the following.Continue Reading

A Bluesy St. Louis Labor Day

Trumpets Playing the BluesWhen St. Louis residents hear the words “Labor Day” they instantly get their favorite blues song dancing through their head.  Why? Because Labor Day is when the annual Big Muddy Blues Festival happens.  This weekend-long outdoor blues festival is known to bring in 60,000 blues lovers from all over– not only the state of Missouri but also the country.Continue Reading

Surgical and Diagnostic Errors More Common Than You Might Think

Surgery RoomMedical knowledge has improved exponentially over the years.  Doctors and researchers continue to learn more about diseases and conditions, and how to diagnose and treat patients.  With all this new knowledge, it is normal for patients to expect that the quality of care has also improved over the years.  But, studies published on the amount of diagnostic and surgical errors made every year are still occurring.

You know those horror stories about medical instruments being discovered in bodies post-surgery? How about the stories of patients waking up in the middle of their surgery because the anesthesiologist didn’t measure right?  These nightmarish events are referred to as “never events” because they are never supposed to happen.  Despite the name, more than 4,000 cases of “never events” happened annually between 1990-2010 according to a study published in the journal Surgery.Continue Reading

Tracey Morgan Sues Wal-Mart After Car Accident

Walmart TruckTracey Morgan has been in the news in the last few months after his limo was struck by a Wal-Mart truck, killing comedian James McNair and injuring Morgan and two other passengers.

After seeing the damage costs from the accident, Morgan and three other plaintiffs have decided to sue Wal-Mart for responsibility of the crash.

On June seventh, Morgan and friends were heading to New York City after a comedy act in Delaware. On a New Jersey turnpike, the truck was travelling at 20 mph over the speed limit and rear-ended the limo, according to CNN.

Morgan was in critical condition for several weeks for a broken nose, several broken ribs, and a broken leg. He was released from a rehabilitation center mid-July but will be undergoing aggressive rehab for months to come.Continue Reading

The Insurance Industry’s Attack on Rescue Dogs: Breed Specific Exclusions and the Like

Rescue dogs in Missouri are growing by leaps and bounds.  In Missouri, and especially in St. Louis, it seems there are news articles and reports every week detailing abused and abandoned dogs.  Many families are willing to take these dogs in and work to improve their lives.  However, there is one major obstacle preventing many from adopting rescue dogs: the insurance industry.  Very few people know that almost every homeowner’s insurance policy refuses to insure any damage caused by what are commonly rescue dogs.  The policies will not afford coverage to most rescue dogs.  For most families, they cannot afford to not have their dogs covered by insurance.  Gradually, homeowners’ insurance policies have become more and more limited in what they cover.  The exclusions put forth by the insurance industry make it prohibitive for rescue dogs to be welcomed into a family home without good reason.  The dogs cannot be placed in the best environments because it could affect the homeowner’s insurance coverage.  Some policies focus on excluding certain breeds, known commonly as Breed Specific Exclusions, while others attempt to exclude dangerous dogs.  There are drawbacks to both, as Breed Specific Exclusions are completely unfounded and attempts to exclude dangerous dogs are vague and undefined.  The exclusions do little but keep people from rescuing dogs.Continue Reading

Have You Pledged? #ItCanWait

Don't Text and Drive #ItCanWaitAs car accident lawyers, we see a lot of car accidents happen because of distracted driving—especially texting while driving. Even a simple distraction can lead to major accidents and injuries.

In 2012, distracted drivers caused twenty-six percent of car accidents. That means over one million crashes were caused by drivers using their phones, according to the National Safety Council.

It is only a matter of seconds that can change the route of your car, and your life. To prove it, this summer New York City’s Department of Transportation and AT&T set up a simulator in Manhattan for texting and driving.Continue Reading

Declaration of Elder Rights: The First Step to Ending Elder Abuse

Counseling sessionAging individuals who have restricted mobility, limited means, or disintegrating mental abilities need and deserve special care.  Nursing homes, hired caregivers, and family members often step up and take on the role of caring for these individuals.  But, the people who are supposed to take care of the elderly often take advantage of them.

Elder abuse affects five million Americans a year, according to an estimate from Health and Human Services. All of those people are suffering at the hand of another person; similar to the way some children suffer from abusive parents or guardians.

It is most commonly thought that elderly people are swindled out of their remaining money, but while this is a form of serious abuse, elder abuse also includes “physical, sexual, and psychological abuse as well as neglect and abandonment.”Continue Reading

Will the St. Louis Cardinals Keep Their National Championship Title?

Cardinals StadiumOne of the best parts of summer is going to Busch Stadium to see a St. Louis Cardinals game. Watching a baseball game with friends and family, and eating popcorn and hotdogs, is a timeless tradition.

The 2013 National League Champions started off the season rougher than expected. There were numerous injuries, and the stats were lower than predicted.Continue Reading

Pedestrian Involved in Accident Gets Hit by Train

Train TracksOn July 4, a train conductor spotted a man lying between the rails of the train tracks.  The conductor tried to stop the train in time, but the man on the tracks ended up under the train. The man survived, but suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to the nearest hospital.

It seems as though this unfortunate soul is the true victim in this tragic accident, but a police report said otherwise.  The 30-year-old man run over by the train was suspected to be the driver involved in an earlier accident.

According to reports, in an accident earlier that same day, a driver struck a parked car and proceeded to flee the scene on foot.  At the time of this article, an investigation was underway to determine whether the man who ended up on the train tracks was in fact the man who fled the scene of an accident he caused.Continue Reading

Stolen Mustang Crashes into Greyhound Bus

Greyhound Bus AccidentIt is always troubling to hear about major car accidents. It is even worse when some of our St. Louis residents and friends have been injured.

One person was killed and nineteen were injured after a stolen Ford Mustang collided into a Greyhound bus last month, according to St. Louis Post Dispatch.

The Greyhound was carrying twenty-three people from St. Louis and was supposed to stop in Dayton, Ohio on its way to New York City. Just before they made it to the Indiana-Ohio border, Phillip Lloyd, driving a stolen Mustang going west on I-70 east, crashed into the bus.Continue Reading