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Avoid Dog Bites: How to Listen to a Non-Verbal Dog

Finney Dog NonverbalsDog bites can be painful, traumatic, and can lead to a number of different problems. With the right knowledge, it is sometimes possible to avoid dog bites all together. In order to avoid a dog bite, it’s incredibly important to know what to look for when a dog does not communicate. Click the image to view the whole infographic.

Dog Bites: How to Listen to Your Non-Verbal Dog

Finney11Since the beginning of time we’ve said that dogs are a man’s best friend. Dogs have been used for farming, hunting, protection, and of course their unconditional love and companionship. Even though dogs cannot speak, we understand that our dogs love us by the way they greet us at the door, protect our children, and lay with us at night.

So why can’t other owners see that their dog is dangerous and that it may bite someone?

The truth is, dogs provide us with behavior and nonverbal communication that warn us of their attitudes and future actions. However, we simply ignore it or do not understand it. At Finney Law Office, LLC, we understand that dog bites are becoming an unwanted trend. In 2013, St. Louis alone had over 300 reported dog bites. By learning how to communicate with dogs, we can mend the gap that allows for negative behavior, and most importantly, dog bites.

Dogs use their body language to speak to each other and to other species. The ASPCA has provided information on dog body language that can help eliminate unwanted injuries and dog bites. By recognizing your dog’s posture, body carriage, and facial expressions, you can begin to understand what they are thinking.Continue Reading

Cyberbullying Warning Signs

Finney October Infographic

Ready, Set, Let’s Drive: How Can Parents Prep Teen Drivers?

Finney12You’ve been denying it since they turned fifteen and took the Missouri instruction permit exam. As your sixteen year old dreamed, you dreaded. They jumped at every chance to take the wheel, even when it was a simple four-minute drive to the grocery store. Meanwhile, you spent hours pouring over parenting blogs and reviewing the devastating teen car accident statistics. You know the dangers like the palm of your hand. Car crashes still are the leading cause of death among Americans ages 15-19.

Despite the apprehension and worry, you can’t sit in the passenger seat forever, and neither can they. You taught them the way of the wheel, and now that they have their Missouri driver’s license, it’s time to put your driving lessons to the test.

The time to pass off the car keys is now, and with them greater opportunity for risks and responsibilities.

By having a driver’s license and driving privileges, a teen unlocks the door to chances unavailable to them beforehand, like having a part-time job or joining more after-school activities.

Before you say, “Ready, set; let’s go,” what are some ways you as a parent can help prepare them for the windy roads ahead? Whether they travel along windy back roads or long stretches of highway, you want them to be ready.

Continue Reading

Is Biking to Work Safe?

Biking to work or other destinations is becoming more popular. And why shouldn’t it? Biking instead of driving saves energy, and it’s great exercise.  But, is biking really safe?  Our infographic discusses the pros and cons of biking and sharing the road with cars. If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another driver, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced accident injury lawyer.

Infographic Biking Pros and Cons

Do You Have Road Rage?

Man Yelling Out of Car WindowDo you honk your horn at drivers often? Have you yelled at other drivers? What about speeding past a slow driver? If so, you may have road rage.

Road rage is typically defined as aggressive driving with a few curse words, honks, or dangerous passing of other drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) objectively defines road rage as a combination of moving traffic offenses that purposefully endanger other persons or property.

So what causes aggressive driving and road rage? It is the small things. You may have had a stressful day at work, your child may be sick, or you may be late for a meeting. When another driver is not following traffic rules (or most importantly, the norms of driving, which may be different than the actual rules) a person will take out their frustration on another driver.Continue Reading

The Great Forest Park Balloon Race

Hot Air Balloons in the SkyIt’s a bird. It’s a plane. No… it’s the Great Forest Park Balloon Race!

St. Louis will host its 42nd Annual Hot Air Balloon Race on the weekend of September 19th.  Over 150,000 spectators will meet in Forest Park to see 70 world-class balloon pilots light up the sky and race.

The celebration will kick off Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. with the Balloon Glow and Glow in the Park Dinner events. During the Balloon Glow the inflated hot air balloons light up Central Field while offering a close-up look at the balloons. Concessions will be available as you walk around, or you can grab something for when you settle in for the fireworks show around 9:15 p.m.Continue Reading

Is Any GM Car Safe From a Recall?

Black GM SilveradoGeneral Motors has made history by recalling 60 vehicle models within the last six months—a new record for the auto industry. A total of 29.7 million cars were recalled by GM, surpassing the 22 million cars recalled by all automobile companies last year.

GM has become cautious with all of their vehicles after employees looked the other way when they discovered an ignition defect.  About 2.6 million cars were affected, and the company believes the defect caused 13 deaths.

Since then, GM has been adamant about recalling all vehicles that have potential to cause any danger to drivers. In recent press releases, GM stressed that many of the recalls were in accordance with the policies and models in the “old GM” before the 2009 bankruptcy, according to NBC. However, recalls are happening with newer models, too.

The only three models that have not been recalled are: Chevrolet Equinox Crossover, Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, and GMC Terrain.Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Bicycling

Bicycle on Side WalkLearning how to ride a bicycle is a timeless tradition. I still remember holding onto my son’s bike as he learned how to balance and pedal, and my father doing the same for me.

Throughout the years, bicycling has remained a hobby, sport, and easy way of transportation. It has become more popular in the recent years, and there are good reasons why. However, there are always disadvantages to riding your bicycle.

Let’s discuss the advantages first. The Huffington Post recently posted an article about why riding a bicycle makes you a better person. The first pro is it is beneficial to your health. Riding for an hour can burn at least 500 calories (more depending on speed and incline), helps your heart rate, and leaves you with a stronger core and leg muscles.

In addition, habitually riding your bike decreases fatigue and increases overall energy.  Researchers also suggest that it could also add about 4-5 years on your life, too.Continue Reading

St. Charles, MO Dog Bite Case Brings Public Threat to Light

On Thursday, August 9, 2014, Deriah Solem, a 22-month old girl, passed away at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Health Center after being attacked in her St. Charles, Missouri home by the family’s pit-bull mix. At the time of the attack, Deriah’s grandmother had just finished feeding her and had placed her on the floor to play. The 80-pound dog, usually confined to a locked back bedroom, somehow got out and pounced on the toddler without warning. The grandmother tried to pry open the dog’s jaws and lost four of her fingertips in the process. She screamed for Deriah’s older brothers, ages 5 and 8, to get out of the house. They ran next door to Jonathan Banta’s house. He grabbed a steak knife and ran back over. Even with the grandmother and Mr. Banta trying to pull off the dog, the attack continued. Mr. Banta stabbed the dog multiple times before it finally released the child, staggered away and collapsed.

Deriah was rushed to St. Joseph’s Health Center in St. Charles before being transferred to Cardinal Glennon Health Center. She suffered bite wounds all over her body, but the most severe trauma was to her head, neck and stomach area. “It was extremely urgent,” said Lt. Dave Tiefenbrunn of the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Office. “The blood loss was extensive. The situation was so critical that there was a surgeon in the ambulance.” Deriah died on Saturday, August11. Cause of death was listed as multiple injuries to the head and neck.

Although the dog had no history of attacks, it apparently had shown aggressive behavior in the past, the reason for keeping it locked in a back bedroom. At the family’s request, the 10-year old dog, which had survived the stabbings, was euthanized.

Alarming Numbers and a Frightening Upward Trend

As tragic as Deriah’s case is, it is far from being an isolated incident. Dog bites are listed as the fifth most common reason why children seek emergency room treatment. According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly 4.5 million Americans are bitten or maimed by dogs each year, with more than half of these victims representing children. One in five of these bites—approximately 885,000 victims—are serious enough to require medical attention ( Reading