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Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

Finney January 2015Infographic (1)Tis’ the season for unpredictable weather! View this infographic to learn more about tips and tricks from Finney Law Office to stay safe on the road during the harsh weather conditions. The infographic includes tips about driving in the rain and snow. Check it out!

Winter Fun Days in Chesterfield, MO

Finney Fun Days in ChesterfieldGood food, good entertainment, and good company. These are the key ingredients that make many St. Louis residents feeling grateful and happy. However, after the holidays, families and friends seem to sludge around, wondering what to do next. The holiday cookies have come and gone, the cold weather is starting to get to everybody, and it seems you are only waiting for the next vacation.

The short days and frigid air shouldn’t bring you down. In a town like Chesterfield, Missouri, entertainment is surrounding you! Art galleries, kid fun zones, and photo opportunities are all within reach. On a dull weekday or busy weekend, take your family and enjoy the community around you.

All you have to do is gather friends or family, and choose one or two of these local restaurants and entertainment. At Finney Law Office, LLC, we guarantee you’ll have fun when laughter, fun, and a full belly are involved.

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Booze In the Basement

One of these days I might write a book on parenting, although on the occasions I sometimes discuss them, my descriptions of appropriate techniques are often met with open mouthed gapes of silence.

Well, I guess you have to have seven to appreciate the logic. And a firm understanding of the appropriate statute of limitations.

But if I were to write the book, lesson number 27 would have applied nicely to one of my own personal experiences.

Years ago, when I first started in private practice as a solo practitioner, I represented people charged with various crimes, big and small, including DWI. On one occasion my client, a liquor store owner, was having difficulty paying the fee. So after a fair opportunity and no positive results, I told him I would like to close out the account by selecting $500 of his inventory at his cost.Continue Reading

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in St. Louis County

St. Louis County NYEAs you nestle with your loved ones on a cold December day, it’s easy to reminisce on how far you’ve all come within the last year. This year, St. Louis residents overcame the Polar Vortex and the loss of the Cardinal’s NLS title loss. Through the good and the bad, the end of December is a time for reflection and determining your resolution for 2015.

As December closes, it’ll be time to dress up in glitter hats, 2015 glasses, and cocktail attire to celebrate the ringing in of the New Year. In St. Louis County, you have a variety of options for the eve of the New Year. You could stay at home with your kids, gather with close friends at a local restaurant, or take on 2015 with full force at a great party.

While the Finney family will most likely gather around the TV and watch the ball drop, St. Louis County offers dinner parties and nightlife that many cannot resist. Here are a few of the most trending and popular events for New Year’s in St. Louis County.Continue Reading

BOOK REVIEW: “Spy the Lie” by Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, Susan Carnicero with Don Tennant

Trial lawyers are always looking for a quick and understandable way to improve their skills. One of the most difficult aspects of trial work is cross examination. For young lawyers especially, we cannot get enough practice on this procedure. And even when we do have the opportunity to execute a cross examination, we almost always ram through trying to expose the liar on the receiving end (or at least that is what I do). So how do we improve? How do we expand our skill set? Spy the Lie is a simple, effective and proven way to elicit better cross examination responses. The authors, Philip Houston, Michael Floyd and Susan Carnicero, are all ex-CIA interrogators trained in the art of recognizing deception.Continue Reading

Be Prepared for a White Winter

St. Louis Prep for WinterLet’s face it—winter has come in full force. Ever since the cold streak in November, the attorneys at Finney Law Office, LLC have been preparing themselves for a long winter. Firewood is stored in the garage, hats and mittens are abundant in our houses, and our cars are prepped for winter.

One of the most vital ways to prep for winter is to winterize your car, yet many St. Louis residents forget to do so. If your car ever breaks down, gets stuck, or you get in an accident, it is important that you are prepared. During the harsh winter (and especially around the holidays), road conditions are less stable and more troubling instances are likely to happen. This is also when help takes the longest—tow trucks, police, and AAA are the busiest during these times, and they may not be able to get to you right away.Continue Reading

Holiday Travel Tips

We’ve all experienced the pain of one of those long car rides. The struggle is real. How do you keep your kids entertained? What happens if you get lost? Did I pack enough food? Thankfully you don’t have to worry anymore. We created an all-inclusive travel checklist for you to use this holiday season. Don’t know what the essentials are… that’s ok. Do you have your phone charger? What about some small pillows and blankets? Did you take appropriate safety measures for winter driving?

What do you like to do after traveling the road for hours? A travel game is a great way to help pass the time. From the classics like I Spy to the new game apps, we have the suggestions that your family will love to play plus more.

Before you head out on the long road trip this year, we suggest you check out our holiday travel guide and comment with your suggestions! Happy traveling!

Writing a Scholarship Essay

Finney Scholarship InfographicFinney Law Office is proud to be offering a $1,000 scholarship to a anyone interested in the legal field or a related field; such as government, politics, criminal justice, or finance; and is a high school or college student. Here is a helpful infographic for anyone who will be applying for a scholarship in the near future.

See infographic.

Parents’ Liability For Actions of Kids

A question we see occasionally that merits some discussion on our blog is parental liability for the actions of their kids. Mainly, we are seeing this in the tween/teen years where young people are still subject to their parents’ rules but also are trying to establish their independence. If a child commits a tortious act or injures another person, are the parents responsible? Where do we draw the line in Missouri? I hope to answer of few of these questions below.Continue Reading

Avoid Dog Bites: How to Listen to a Non-Verbal Dog

Finney Dog NonverbalsDog bites can be painful, traumatic, and can lead to a number of different problems. With the right knowledge, it is sometimes possible to avoid dog bites all together. In order to avoid a dog bite, it’s incredibly important to know what to look for when a dog does not communicate. Click the image to view the whole infographic.