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The Great Forest Park Balloon Race

Hot Air Balloons in the SkyIt’s a bird. It’s a plane. No… it’s the Great Forest Park Balloon Race!

St. Louis will host its 42nd Annual Hot Air Balloon Race on the weekend of September 19th.  Over 150,000 spectators will meet in Forest Park to see 70 world-class balloon pilots light up the sky and race.

The celebration will kick off Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. with the Balloon Glow and Glow in the Park Dinner events. During the Balloon Glow the inflated hot air balloons light up Central Field while offering a close-up look at the balloons. Concessions will be available as you walk around, or you can grab something for when you settle in for the fireworks show around 9:15 p.m.Continue Reading

Is Any GM Car Safe From a Recall?

Black GM SilveradoGeneral Motors has made history by recalling 60 vehicle models within the last six months—a new record for the auto industry. A total of 29.7 million cars were recalled by GM, surpassing the 22 million cars recalled by all automobile companies last year.

GM has become cautious with all of their vehicles after employees looked the other way when they discovered an ignition defect.  About 2.6 million cars were affected, and the company believes the defect caused 13 deaths.

Since then, GM has been adamant about recalling all vehicles that have potential to cause any danger to drivers. In recent press releases, GM stressed that many of the recalls were in accordance with the policies and models in the “old GM” before the 2009 bankruptcy, according to NBC. However, recalls are happening with newer models, too.

The only three models that have not been recalled are: Chevrolet Equinox Crossover, Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, and GMC Terrain.Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Bicycling

Bicycle on Side WalkLearning how to ride a bicycle is a timeless tradition. I still remember holding onto my son’s bike as he learned how to balance and pedal, and my father doing the same for me.

Throughout the years, bicycling has remained a hobby, sport, and easy way of transportation. It has become more popular in the recent years, and there are good reasons why. However, there are always disadvantages to riding your bicycle.

Let’s discuss the advantages first. The Huffington Post recently posted an article about why riding a bicycle makes you a better person. The first pro is it is beneficial to your health. Riding for an hour can burn at least 500 calories (more depending on speed and incline), helps your heart rate, and leaves you with a stronger core and leg muscles.

In addition, habitually riding your bike decreases fatigue and increases overall energy.  Researchers also suggest that it could also add about 4-5 years on your life, too.Continue Reading

“On My Way.”

Man Texting and Driving“On my way.” Think about how many times you have spoken those words or texted them while you are driving.

In an earlier blog, we discussed taking the pledge to end texting and driving. The average texting time is about 5 seconds. If you are driving over 55 mph while texting, you’ll drive over a football length’s field without focusing on the road.

Texting is only one of many driving distractions.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has categorized these  into three areas: manual, visual, and cognitive.

The most common distractions are manual distractions which can be anything that takes your hand off the wheel. Common manual distractions are: texting, looking up directions, reading emails, playing music, and eating and drinking.Continue Reading

Is My Lawsuit Settlement Taxable?

As a tax attorney, I am often asked this question after a prospective client has received an overdue tax notice. The person on the other line is usually in a panic as they claim they had no idea that their particular settlement could be considered taxable.

Aren’t all settlements nontaxable?

My attorney never told me that.

Opposing Counsel lied to me!

Fortunately, the taxability of a particular settlement is usually, or at least should be, written into the settlement agreement along with a provision that the plaintiff’s accountant is allowed to view the agreement to ensure appropriate reporting come tax season.


The general rule is that gross income includes income from whatever source derived unless specifically excluded under the internal revenue code.Continue Reading

FAQ about Ride-Share Apps and Taxis

Car with Lyft Mustache

In cities around the world, ride-share apps like Uber and Lyft have become popular for alternative, cheaper riding services. However, the controversy between taxi services, ride-share companies, and their overall safety leaves many concerned.

As car accident attorneys, we think it is important for you to understand the differences between the two, and what would happen if you were in a car accident with one of the car services. With everything laid out, we hope to give you information on the controversy so you can make the best choices for yourself.Continue Reading

Is There an Advantage to Hiring a Small Firm?

When it comes to law firms, there are literally thousands of varieties.  There are firms with thousands of attorneys and there are firms with one attorney. There is every single variety in between.  So how does a client in a personal injury case know which is better?  Is bigger better?  Do they have more clout and money behind them?  Is smaller better because of the unique attention and ability to change with the case?

There is no clear answer but I can tell you from having worked at a mid size firm (20-30 attorneys) and a small practice (3 attorneys) that smaller firms usually give a better client experience and service.  Why is that? I intend to explain in the following.Continue Reading

A Bluesy St. Louis Labor Day

Trumpets Playing the BluesWhen St. Louis residents hear the words “Labor Day” they instantly get their favorite blues song dancing through their head.  Why? Because Labor Day is when the annual Big Muddy Blues Festival happens.  This weekend-long outdoor blues festival is known to bring in 60,000 blues lovers from all over– not only the state of Missouri but also the country.Continue Reading

Surgical and Diagnostic Errors More Common Than You Might Think

Surgery RoomMedical knowledge has improved exponentially over the years.  Doctors and researchers continue to learn more about diseases and conditions, and how to diagnose and treat patients.  With all this new knowledge, it is normal for patients to expect that the quality of care has also improved over the years.  But, studies published on the amount of diagnostic and surgical errors made every year are still occurring.

You know those horror stories about medical instruments being discovered in bodies post-surgery? How about the stories of patients waking up in the middle of their surgery because the anesthesiologist didn’t measure right?  These nightmarish events are referred to as “never events” because they are never supposed to happen.  Despite the name, more than 4,000 cases of “never events” happened annually between 1990-2010 according to a study published in the journal Surgery.Continue Reading

Tracey Morgan Sues Wal-Mart After Car Accident

Walmart TruckTracey Morgan has been in the news in the last few months after his limo was struck by a Wal-Mart truck, killing comedian James McNair and injuring Morgan and two other passengers.

After seeing the damage costs from the accident, Morgan and three other plaintiffs have decided to sue Wal-Mart for responsibility of the crash.

On June seventh, Morgan and friends were heading to New York City after a comedy act in Delaware. On a New Jersey turnpike, the truck was travelling at 20 mph over the speed limit and rear-ended the limo, according to CNN.

Morgan was in critical condition for several weeks for a broken nose, several broken ribs, and a broken leg. He was released from a rehabilitation center mid-July but will be undergoing aggressive rehab for months to come.Continue Reading