Tort reform refers to proposed changes to civil lawsuits that could affect the amount of money an individual could receive in a successful lawsuit. These changes often bring up extremely contentious debates over various legal principles in the United States civil justice system. Some politicians have attempted to legislate tort reform in the past decade, but have been met with heavy resistance from many in the legal community. As a result, many serious issues in tort reform debates remain unresolved.

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Major Issues Concerning Tort Reform

Many of the problems addressed in tort reform conversations surround the expenses involved in personal injury litigation. These debates commonly address some of the following issues:

  • Requiring the loser of a case to pay for the winner’s legal fees
  • Keeping supposedly frivolous suits out of court
  • Putting limits on certain types of compensation

While tort reform has been a conversation repeatedly brought up in the past ten years, little in the way of successful legislation has done much to change the current system. Some changes have been settled through higher court litigation, but these changes do not alter the system in a dramatic fashion proposed by some tort reform supporters.

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